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Introducing Enjoy-A-Bowl, a two part feeding system for cats and dogs of all sizes.

Put about one inch of the human food your pet craves in a lower Enjoy-a-Bowl compartment. You can use steak, chicken, lasagna, pizza. tuna – anything your pet’s nose tells him he has to have!.

Our patented upper vented compartment is then locked in place above the human food to prevent your pet from eating the human food he’s attracted to. .

Next, fill the upper compartment with the recommended healthy food for your pet. The aroma of the human food will entice him to finish food that’s good for him! Then (as always), when puppy or kitty finish their meal, remove the dish and clean it. Enjoy-A-Bowl is dishwasher safe or rinses clean easily with just a mild detergent rinse and wipe.

“I invented Enjoy-A-Bowl because human food can be toxic to our beloved animal companions. Dangers from human food include obesity, organ failure, vomiting, diarrhea, hypertension, decreased mobility, skin tumors, and more.”
This bowl solves almost every eating problem your pet may have, but it WILL NOT cure/fix your pet from any underlying conditions that could be causing your pet to not eat (i.e. painful, organ disease/failure, periodontal disease or other internal diseases). If this occurs, please do not hesitate to seek medical attention with your Veterinarian as soon as possible.

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