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About Us

Enjoy-A-Bowl® was created by a veterinarian who has a passion for helping pets achieve optimum health. His vision is clear… Invest in the Health, Happiness and Healing of Lives®. His daily job of treating sick patients and having to euthanize pets early due to owner compliance was heartbreaking. This motivated him to find a solution to the majority of pet owner problems. Picky eaters, diabetic patients with unmanageable disease, pancreatitis, obesity among some of the few things that needed a pathway to a solution. Let’s stop euthanasia by keeping pets healthy. Then, Enjoy-A-Bowl® was born.

Product Innovations LLC is the most innovative pet company in America. With a passion to continue to innovate realistic and tangible solutions to pet wellness for pet owners, the products don’t stop here. Our goal is to bridge the gap in veterinary medicine and over the counter solutions to the pet industry. Our mission is to listen to the needs and desires of veterinarians and pet owners around the world to produce only the best products and solutions for the longevity of our furry companions.


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